How To Be An Influenster?

What is Influenster?

Influenster is a free product discovery and reviews platform for consumers that are opinionated and influential on social media that like to discover and share knowledge through sampling and reviewing. The ultimate goal is to exchange products in return for your honest opinion. The process is done by writing various reviews, taking surveys, and linking your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) to posts. Their trademark phrase is "discover, review, share".

Wondering How to Get Started?

The first step in getting started with Influenster is to sign up. It's actually a pretty easy process that doesn't take too long. During the sign-up process you'll be asked to connect your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest). The goal is for Influenster to see how influential you are on social media. Based on the number of followers that you have in total will determine your Social Impact Score.

The Social Impact Score is a reflection of your friends and followers in total of all your connected social media accounts. The notion is that the higher the impact score the more people you can reach/"influence". I conceive that those who have higher impact scores should receive boxes/products at a higher rate than those with lower scores. But this may also fluctuate depending on demand within the category of the product/item. 



Impact Score

For example my score is 3229 and is listed as High Impact. I tend to receive products every 3 months or so.

How to determine what types of boxes that will be sent to you?

During the introductory stage Influenster will send you "Snaps" to complete. Snaps are quick survey questions that you'll be asked to complete for Influenster. These Snaps help to determine which future products to send to you based on products that you've tried in the past. Completing Snaps will also unlock badges. These badges informs Influenster about your interests. Unlocking badges will also help to you to be chosen for future products.

The badges range from different categories such as Health & Fitness, Skincare, Makeup, Sports, Alcohol/Liquor, Shopping, Personal Finance, Nails, Haircare, Homecare, Bath & Body, Travel and Pets. My highest ranking/badge is the Beauty Junkie (Level 4). The majority of the products that I receive fall into the Beauty category. 

Badge Icons

Badge Icons


VoxBox Pre-Survey

Completing pre-surveys is not a guarantee that you will receive a particular product/item. It just simply means you're on the short-list and may possibly receive it.

What happens before you receive a Product/Influenster VoxBox?

 Be sure to check your emails regularly as Influenster will always send out a pre-survey to determine if you qualify for an upcoming VoxBox/product. This email will not inform you of the upcoming product, but will simply ask you to confirm you address and a written consent stating that you opt in to review the products.

When the item is shipped you'll receive a final email informing you that you have been chosen for the particular product program. The email will include the portal tracking number for you and for Influenster to confirm when the item has been received.

One of the first boxes that I received (not my photo)

One of the first boxes that I received (not my photo)

Once the item/product is received you'll be asked to check in the item online. This could mean taking a picture of the product and posting it to your Influenster account or posting it to one of your connected social media accounts. The campaign on the Influenster app will give you instructions of what you will need to do and where you will need to complete your reviews. 

Lastly, when all the tasks have been completed, you will be sent a final survey to complete. It's extremely important that you complete this survey. If you do fail to do so, your chances to receive future boxes decreases.

What is Virtual Vox Box?

A Virtual VoxBox is little different in comparison to the regular VoxBox. If you receive an invite to participate in a Virtual VoxBox, you will not be receiving an actual item/product in the mail. Instead you may be asked to complete various tasks- like receiving a coupon to pick up a product in store or taking a photo of a particular product or item and reviewing it.

Do I think it's worth it?

YES! For the most part most of the boxes/products that I've received have included relevant items. I don't mind reviewing products in exchange for sharing my opinion through a social media platform. This is especially true if the reviews can help other consumers decide when trying to determine to purchase a particular item. I've received products from so many different brands. Some high end and some drug store like - Lancôme, L'Oreal, Not Your Mother, St Ives, Marc Jacobs, Dove, Gold Bond, Maybelline and Clairol just to name a few!

Past Influenster Vox Box from several months ago-2018

Past Influenster Vox Box from several months ago-2018


Lastly, Please keep in mind....

  • The products that are sent to you may not be resold! They urge users to give products to friends or family if they dislike it. 
  • In order to receive future boxes you"ll NEED to complete the surveys at the end of the campaign. 
  • Lastly, don't feel like your being forced to lie when reviewing. If you receive a product and genuinely dislike it, be very detailed as to why. In the long run it could help the company to make changes. Or it could help someone to determine if its the best item for them.

Are you going to sign-up?

Please let me know if you're thinking of signing up. If you're already a member of the Influenster community, please let me know some of the products you've received! 


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