L'oreal Lash Serum Solution Review

Have you ever wondered how long it takes for your lashes to grow? Do you think your lashes take a long time to grow or believe they’re not growing at all? Just like the hair on our head, our eyelashes have their own cycle in regards to growth. As someone who loves the look of long lashes, I enjoy trying out different products that help with lash growth. If you’re interested in checking out my review regarding L’oreal’s NEW Lash Serum, keep reading!

DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me from Influenster for free to test out and review.*

DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me from Influenster for free to test out and review.*

Influenster x L’oreal Lash Serum

Of course we all want long and thick lashes. But lashes do serve an important function for the body. Eyelashes are designed to protect the eyes by preventing dirt, dust and other harmful things from getting into our eyes. Our upper eyelid is said to have anywhere from 90-150 individual lashes.

About a month ago I was sent this new lash Serum Solution by Loreal Paris to test out by Influenster. I’ve tried numerous lash serums in the past. I mostly used these serums to see if they would help me with my sparse brows and of course who would’t want longer and thicker lashes. The L’oreal Lash Serum promises to provide thicker-looking lashes in 4 weeks. I was up to the challenge so I decided to give the serum a try!

The guidelines instructed by Influsenster was to use the serum both in the morning and evening to clean lashes for 4 weeks. The L’oreal Lash Serum is formulated with a lash-caring complex of glycerin, pro vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, madecassoside, and arginine, this serum will condition and strengthen your lashes over time.

Madecassoside- Stimulates the synthesis of collagen

Arginine- A building block of proteins, it plays a big role in cell division, the healing of wounds, immune function, the release of hormones, and the production of growth hormone.

How to use:

  1. Start with a clean, dry eye area. 

  2. Prime applicator by twisting cap until product is visible. 

  3. Twist cap five times and apply onto lashes and along the upper lash line. 

  4. Allow serum to dry for 60 seconds before applying mascara or other eye products. 

  5. Apply twice a day, morning and night, for four weeks

It claims to be ophthalmologist tested, suitable for those who wear contact lens. and those who have sensitive eyes.


Background on my lashes

I don’t think I have the longest or thickest set of lashes. I feel like without mascara they’re okay, but mascara really helps to my lashes pop and stand out. I typically wear a lash primer along with 2-3 coats of mascara when I wear mascara. The primer that I use, Tarte Opening Lash Primer, has been a favorite of mine for years. I feel like this primer has helped to condition my lashes, thus allowing them to be a little more healthier while using mascara.


In efforts to document my usage along with growth, I decided to take weekly pictures of my lash line. These pictures are my of my lashes without mascara or any primer added to them. I apologize in advance if the pictures are not as detailed as I would like. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to take pictures, with a good focus all while my eyes being closed.

Week 1 & Week 2 Results

Week 3 & Week 4 Results

serum Description

The formula itself is a clear-ish-white-ish serum. It doesn’t have a scent or oder. The serum that is in a tube like pen. The pen is clicked at the base. The serum is released on to the brush for an easy application. I really like the applicator, as the brush really controls where and how much product is being applied to the lash line.

I have two cons about the product. If too much serum is used, then a white residue will be present. I noticed this often occurred when I applied the serum to my brows as I would like apply a significant amount to that area. The second con about the product is the fact that it may be hard to determine when the serum is coming to an end. I used the full size of the L’oreal Lash Serum twice a day for 4 weeks. I’m unable to determine how much is left and how long the remainder of the contents will last me. The product packaging does not allow you to see if the serum is running low or finished. The only way you can tell is by continuously clicking the base of the pen.

I wear contacts pretty much everyday. The L’oreal Lash Serum did not cause any irritation to my eyes. I’m sure a little of the formula went into my eyes at some point. I’m usually weary about products that go near my eyes because of eye sensitivity and contact usage. I was good at applying the serum as directed in the morning and evening to clean lashes. The formula dries fairly quickly. On the days that I wore mascara, I applied the serum and let it dry. Once it dried, I applied my mascara primer and regular mascara as usual. I don’t feel like the formula distorted or interrupted my regular mascara performance.


I think between week 1 and week 2 my lashes appear a little thicker. However, I don’t believe they look any longer. During this time period I noticed the regular amount of shedding that I would usually experience. As for my lashes, I know they can’t be seen too clearly in the picture, but I don’t think the serum did much for my lashes during this time frame. I think the hardest part for me during the process was remembering to apply the serum both during the day and night.

During week 3 and week 4 I do think my lashes appear thicker- especially week 4. During this time frame I noticed that I received more compliments while wearing mascara. This leads me to believe that my lashes appeared longer to others. I actually had a few people ask me if I was wearing false lashes on the occasions when I would wear mascara. Overall, I do think the L’oreal lash serum helped me. My lashes appear a little longer and are thicker. The lashes along the outer lash line are longer. The serum didn’t do much for my brows, but I’m not surprised as I’ve having trouble growing my brows for years.

The question is would I purchase this product. Based on the results that I received that all depends on the price. The results were a little noticeable, but I don’t think the serum made a drastic change with my lashes.


I base many of my reviews on price. Just because a product works well, doesn't always mean I’ll purchase it. Price holds a strong determining factor for me when make decisions. Being that the product was sent to me for free to test out, I was not aware of the price prior to using it. I was informed by Influenster that the product is scheduled to be released on 4/4/19. I’ve done a lot of searching and I’ve been unable to locate the product or the price on major sites. However, I came across a listing for the L’oreal Lash Serum on an Australian site for 29.95 AUD, which roughly converts to $21.25 U.S. dollars. If this is the price that is estimated for the product, I honestly think it’s a little on the pricey side- especially for a drug store product and my results. But being that many drug stores have sales and coupons, I’m sure there would stores offering the serum at a lower price.

who would i recommend this product for?

Although I’m not pleased with the price, I would recommend this product. I would recommend this product to those who are taking a break from lash extensions and are looking to nourish and regrow their natural lashes. Also those who wear strip lashes. I know the misconception of strip lashes is that they’re safer, but depending on how their positioning on the lash line, they can also cause harm to the natural lash line.

I do fully intend on continuing my usage of the L’oreal Lash Serum. I don’t think that after 4 weeks of using the serum that a drastic change will not occur. At this point I think usage is just for maintenance. I hope my review helps one or some of you when deciding to purchase the L’oreal Lash Serum.

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