Whats in My Bag- Clear Flap Bag

If you’re anything like me – then yes, you may be a little nosy and curious as to what people carry in their bags from bag to day. I typically carry a Louis Vuitton Never Full Tote to work that I’ve had since my first semester of Grad School. It’s been through the ringer and in my opinion not something I want to carry around on the weekends. On the weekends and my days off from work, I prefer to have a cross body small to medium size bag. In the efforts to picking up something trendy and affordable, I came across this cute Clear Flap Bag. If you’re interested in finding out where I purchased it, exactly how much it holds and the comfort, please keep reading!


I came across this cute bag while watching a YouTube video by 408Califlornia408. She’s a YouTube-er that reviews luxury hand bags. She mentioned this bag in one of her videos, and before the video was even over I was ready to enter my payment information to check out.


Bag Details

Lam Gallery Women’s Clear Handbag


Colors of the Trimming: Black (as seen pictured), Gold, Silver and White

Interior Size: 10.6 inches x 6.3 inches  x 3.5 inches (about 27cm x 16cm x 9cm)

Chain Length: 47 inches and can be worn on one should with the chain doubled or cross body as a single chain

Price: $35.99




A few years ago Channel came out with a similar size bag that retailed for $4,000! I can’t justify spending that much on a bag as much as I love my luxury much less a plastic bag.

I loved clear bags and I feel like it’s such a cool way to display what I have in my bag. I purchased this bag 3 weeks ago and I haven’t been able to put it down. I love being able to display my designer SLG’s (small leather goods) and pretty beauty products. 

For someone who likes the trend but is not too keen on having everything speck of their life on display, I would recommend using a bright makeup bag to carry things that you would like to remain discreet. A fun color makeup bag or pouch would also add a unique touch to your outfit!

I’m typically not a one shoulder bag gal because I feel like they tend to slip off of my shoulder very easily. The majority of my hand bags are cross-body. I really like that this particular bag gave me the option of wearing it both ways. Since I’ve had the bag, I’ve only been wearing it on my shoulder and not cross body. I find the chain and the structure of the bag very comfortable. Speaking of structure, the bag is made out of a durable PVC material.

I like that I can hold a significant amount and more than I actually need to with this bag. Even when its filled, I do not have any trouble closing or getting into the bag. Also even with the bag pretty filled, its quite comfortable!


How to Clean PVC bag?

Add a splash of mild laundry detergent to a bowl of cold or lukewarm water. Dip a clean and non-abrasive sponge into the water, wring it out and gently rub the outer surface of your imitation leather PVC handbag. Rinse the sponge until it is free of detergent and dampen it with water.

What’s in my bag

Louis Vuitton Planner- I never leave home without my mini planner. It fits perfect and leaves plenty of room to hold other items.

YSL Card Holder- 5 slot card holder used to hold my daily cards

Louis Vuitton Key Pouch- Used to hold my keys, metro card and change

Touchland Hand Sanitizer (gifted) I love this spray hand sanitizer (unscented pictured)

Lip glosses- Because several options are a must- Drunk Elephant Lippie Balm, Glossier Gloss and Dior Lip Glow in Coral

Powder- Transulcent powder by Becca review featured in TOP 5 "NO MAKE-UP" MAKEUP PRODUCTS”

Portable charger

Apple Airpods 

Supergoop Defense Mist Sunscreen-Featured in  Summer Oily Skin Savers Blog Post

Nieva Hand Lotion - affordable, compact and super moisturizing

Mini Native Deodorant + link to blogpost and promo code

Follain- pouch used to hold my pens and mini stationary for my planner

Perfume- Byredo Mojave Ghost Oil

What are some of the must haves in your bag?

Is there something that you think you carry that may be unusual?