Summer Slides

Sliding into Summer in Style.......

With Summer offically starting in just a few days (10 to be exact), it's time to get the summer clothes out of storage. The temperature is rising for most places in the U.S. (wish I could say this for New York lol) and I'm looking forward to wearing summer dresses and shorts. With that being said, I decided to do some closet cleaning as I tend to do with the change of every season. 

I successfully listed a few items to my Poshmark account. Cleaning out my closet has helped me to better evaluate what I need and what I don't for the change of the season. The past couple of weeks I've done quite a bit of shopping for the summer. Some how I managed to purchase 4 pairs of slide sandals in a 3 week time frame. For my defense, during my closet clean out I did get rid of 4 pairs of sandals.

Flat sandals are my go to during the summer. I'm not much of heel wearer as I like to be comfortable. I live in New York City and I'm constantly running around. The biggest trend that I've observed and actually find especially comfortable are slide sandals. With so many options on the market from high end to low end the options are endless. There's definitely a slide out there for everyone! 

Check out my recent purchases below along with similar options!

The High-End Pool Slide

I really loved the idea of the high-end pool slide for the fact that they can easily elevate a regular outfit and of course the level of comfort they provide. The majority of my clothes are black, therefore I knew I wanted a slide that would also be black. I originally purchased the Givenchy slides (listed below). I wanted to make them work so bad, but the fit was way off for me. I saw the Black Prada Slides and I knew they were for me and the fit is great! 

IMG_0827 (1).jpg

Prada Logo Slide



Alternative Option 

Givenchy Logo Slide


The Tan Slide

The Tan slide is perfect to pair with white or other neutral colored outfits. I've had my eye on the oh so popular YSL Nu Pieds 05 Sandal Tribute in Amber Leather (here). I couldn't justify the hefty price of $595 with so many other high street brands offering similar styles. This lovely pair from Zara (listed below) really reminds me of the YSL pair and I knew I had to pick them up! I also love how well they match with my Louis Vuitton brown printed bags.

P.S. the Zara sandals are also available in red and yellow! I'm so tempted to get them too lol!


Zara Tan Slides

Price $45.90


Alternative Option

Target Maritza Slide


The Regular Black Slide

Plain and simple everyone needs a pair of regular black sandals that can easily match with any outfit. I picked up a pair (listed below) from Forever 21 with the intention to easily throw them on with summer outfits. Please note with the price tag being this low I don't expect or even intend for them to have a longevity of wear, but its okay because they're cheap and cheerful!

IMG_0829 (1).jpg

Forever 21 Black Slides


Embellished Slides 

The Embellished shoe slide trend is still present and will be as long as brands like Valentino are doing so well with the Rock Stud trend. With the Rock Stud slides and sandals starting at $500 and up, the price tag may not be worth it. So many other brands/companies have taken heed to the trend and have come up with their on own play on the stud embellishment sandal. 

I really like how the embellished slides style combines to offer an edgy look with a subtle statement. The rock-stud trend is very versatile can easily dress up a casual outfit when paired correctly. 

Qupid Studded Slide


If you're interested in seeing how I style any of these slides, please comment below. I'll be more than happy to share some of my #OOTD - Outfit of the Day!

Have you picked up any slides last year or this year? Or are you planning to? Please comment below and share!