Fab Fit Fun Subscription- Is it Worth it? Everything you need to know before signing up!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves subscription boxes. I’ve seen Fab Fit Fun advertised by many YouTube-rs over the years. But I was always standoffish by the price. $49.99 for a box of items/products that I’m not sure if I would like. After seeing the full details of people I follow on Instagram along with their reviews, It really made me want to try out the box. My objective was try out the boxes for a limited time (summer & fall) and then form an opinion from there. If you’re interested in seeing my run down of both boxes and along with some inside things that I noticed, keep reading!

First things First…. The Facts

You may be wondering exactly how does the Fab Fit Fun subscription work out. Instead of being a monthly subscription, FFF is seasonal.  This means you only receive 4 boxes per year (winter, spring, summer and fall). Each box is themed to match that particular season and includes items that vary from different areas like beauty, lifestyle, fashion and wellness. Each box comes with 8-10 full size products totaling the value of the box to be $200 or more! With each box members are allowed to customize up to 3 products and the remainder of the contents are a surprise.

 Based on what I’ve observed FFF offers different incentives to those that are Select Members vs Seasonal Members. Select Members are those that pay for the yearly subscription upfront. Instead of paying $49.99 each season, they pay a one-time charge at the beginning of $180 ($20 savings). These members allowed to make their customizations early and also receive their boxes early in comparison to Seasonal Members.

Review: Is Fab Fit Fun Worth the price tag of $49.99

Spring 2019 Fab Fit Fun Box

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Fab Fit Fun Fall 2019 Box

I initially signed up for Fab Fit Fun during the summer(exact date: July 13, delivered 8/1/19). The summer box was heavily advertised and included full size products from sol de Janiero, which made me want to sign up. After you sign-up you’re asked to put in your credit card information and you’re billed right away. I came across a discount code that was sent to me and only paid $32 (with tax) for the summer box. From there you’re asked questions that can help set up your profile. After my profile was set-up, I was then allowed to make my customizations.

Being that I signed so late in the season (July), many of the products that I wanted to try were already sold out - like the products from Sol De Janiero. I wish this was something I could have been notified about prior to putting in my bank information. Other than that, I was pretty pleased with the products that I received. With any subscription box, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll receive one of two products that do not interest you on work out for some reason or else. I received a few items that I was exactly fond of, but nothing I hated or I thought I wouldn’t use.


During the first week of August I received an email notifying me when I could make customizations for the fall box.  Keep in mind I’m only a seasonal member, which means I pay each season instead of being billed up front for the year. Members that pay for the season up front are able to customize and receive their boxes before seasonable members like myself. Even though I had to wait to customize this time around, I was still able to choose my three customizations.


The Products/Items that I RECEIVED in my fall box:


My Customization Picks

  1. Amika hair straightener

  2. Kate Spade Lunch Tote bag 

  3. The Better Skin Co. Lava Magik (cleanser/scrub)

I was really psyched for the Kate Spade Lunch tote and the Amika Hair Straightener. The lunch tote alone retails for $30 and the hair straightener $80. Based on the those two items alone the box was worth the $50 in my mind. I think if you’re box includes at least 2-3 items that you really like or want to try out it would be perfect to sign up. But I also think you need to be open minded. If you don’t like an item, they can be gifted or sold elsewhere (Poshmark, eBay, etc.) But If you know you’re very picky about products, colors or other minor details, this may not be the best subscription box for you. As of now, I think I’m going to keep my subscription box. If you’re interested in seeing what I get in the Winter box, please let me know. I’ll be more than happy to share. 

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